What is the advantage of a Stamp?

A Stamp is your secure way to ensure that your shoppers are actually getting the points they claim, and redeeming the right reward at the right time. The Stamp serves to verify customer activity.


Stamps provide a secure moment of validation for your transaction or loyalty engagement. If a customer comes into your store, but hasn't made a purchase, you can choose not to give the customer points. Or you can choose to reward extra points, based on customer interactions and purchases. The power is in your hands!

Many retailers have found that the Spark Stamp re-creates the positive experience of the paper punch card, but also allows them to collect valuable customer data, such as phone number, email address and the customer's name and location. 

Stamping the screen validates that the entry is correct and actually happened. 

The Stamp is not an NFC or RFID device -- it actually needs to firmly touch the screen with the entire flat surface. Our proprietary technology is unique!


When a Stamp comes into contact with the screen, we check this pattern to authenticate which stamp is in use and then returns the data to you for use in your own systems.

Our team authenticates each pattern and securely transmits analytics data to the merchant dashboard. We show you the customer data and tell you what the customer did, and when they did it. Then you can use that information to contact the customer later.

It all starts with the Spark Stamp.