What components are included with Loyalti Start?

Loyaltyi includes a complete mobile app, as well as two check-in Stamp devices and full access to our complete Merchant Dashboard. Here are all the details:

Loyalti is a mobile-app-based loyalty system that includes the following components: 

  1. Your Store is pre-loaded in a FREE mobile app available to all shoppers. All your brand colors, logos and rewards settings are already set up inside the mobile app, and shoppers can find you on our nationwide map and contact your store through the mobile app (no need for you to build, deliver or support your own mobile app)
  2. Stamps: SnowShoe also provides two Stamps that allow you or your employees to "stamp" shoppers' phones to give them points or to redeem rewards. This experience duplicates the "paper punch" experience at the counter for your shoppers
  3. Retailer Dashboard: SnowShoe also provides all Loyalti merchants with access to the comprehensive Merchant Dashboard, where you can see your customers' activity, edit your mobile and email campaigns, and modify your store reward and information settings.  
  4. Promotional Information: We'll also provide you with promotional information about the Loyalti mobile app and QR code stickers to help your shoppers to easily download the Loyalti app and find your store. 


Here's a quick preview of what a typical store looks like inside Loyalti: