Should my cashiers touch the customer’s phone?

A cashier or front-of-house employee should need to touch the customer's phone to award points per dollar spent. Here's what you do:

  • Use Mobile Phone App: To award points on Loyalti, a customer will present the mobile app on their phone, ready to stamp.
  • Stamp the Green Screen: Holding the stamp by the handle, stamp it flat on the green screen. You shouldn't have to touch anyone's phone directly with your own hand or fingers to award points per visit or points per item. If you are points per dollar, you'll need to ask or enter the amount. 
    • The Stamp is not an NFC or RFID device -- it actually needs to firmly touch the screen with the entire flat black surface of the Stamp.
  • System Connection: When you check in a customer or validate their reward by using a Stamp on their screen, our system checks the unique pattern to authenticate which stamp is in use.
  • Logging Information: Then we connect your business ID and time of day to the event you register. When you stamp the screen, your business ID and the time of day are both logged in connection with that registered customer. Loyalty points are awarded!

Tip: Points that are awarded on the kiosk automatically sync with points on the mobile app. You can be assured that shopper loyalty points and rewards will remain consistent between the two ways of checking in. 

  • Every Loyalti participating business receives in the mail multiple Stamps for use by merchants or cashiers. The Stamp can be seen below: